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Everyone has some experince but no one has special talent. I have some talent but I can not write here, you should touch to my heart and mind. As a result if I wanna make something about myself, my job, my dream, briefly stated all of them, I do everything with no any reason for myself...


You can read about myself indroduction but do not be effect from me because if you have like myself people, you'll be lucky person.

  • Fullname: Mehmet Oguzhan Sayici
  • Birth Date: March 15, 1994
  • Job: Acme Market, Specalist of International Trade
  • Website: www.oguzhansayici.com
  • Email: oguzhan@oguzhansayici.com


I learned many other languages. I had two languages lecture in my university that are mostly chinese and portuguese and last one is who learned from myself.

  • 90%
  • 85%
  • 70%
  • 95%
  • 75%

More of my credentials.

Let mo show my experinces. I have many experinces in my life. As you can see and read my experinces and you can easily decide to me for your things.

Work Experience


July 2017 - Present

Sabanci Holding

I worked import department in Sabanci Group's a company that name is SASA. Sasa goes in business in Turkey and also I learned many skill about my job and they taught many thins international trade and procees of import. As a result I have so many experince by Sabanci Holding .

Customer Representative

June 2018 - Octeber 2018

Acme Market

Acma Group goes in business in United State. There has many employer and workers and they are so professional themself job as well when I started here, I did not even anything about job experince but now I know everything about how make that menagament of a business place.

House Keeper Menagement

May 2018 - October 2018

Cape Cod in Motel

Here we go another job! I also worked a motel in United State. I helped to some house keepers for cleaning or somthing and the mostly importnat after the them I was checking to all rooms because I had responsible to all rooms. Finally There was also great experince for me.


Master Degree

Loading in Jersey University

University of Life

That part is gonna be here after the some process.

Bachelor Degree

September 2013 - June 2018

University of Porto

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Bachelor Degree

May 2013 - June 2018

Cankaya University

I started my university life in 2013. I chose international trade and logistic major because it was the dream of myself like to be international workers that's way what I chose that department so I learned many things in my major and I feel that ready for business life.


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You can also see my talents and hobbies. I share with you because each person is different in skills.

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